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Training At Its Best

dogsDog training refers to the process of modifying a dog behavior either for it to undertake particular tasks or assist in specific activities. A dog is able to learn from each and every interaction it has with its surrounding, and this can be via classical conditioning whereby it forms an association between two stimuli. These are; operant conditioning, whereby it forms an association between a consequence and a behavior and non- associative learning, whereby the behavior of a dog is modified via sensitization or habituation. It is important to note that there are several established methods of training a dog and each method has its own critics and adherent. Some of these methods include; clicker training, relationship based training, dominance based training and Koehler method among others.


Generally, the most common features of successful methods include knowing the attributes of the dog and accurate timing of punishment or reinforcement, consistent communication and its personality. Dog training is among the best in the biz and adheres to the most crucial responsibilities that a dog owner has. A dog that is well trained is very easier to love and care for, lives happier lives and causes less damage to your home. There are some vital facets of dogs themselves that you are required to be familiar with so as to effectively communicate with your pet. For instance, it is important to know how dogs communicate to you via noise and body language. Understanding dog’s message well means that you understand them hence your message will also be understood well. Dogs may send a message through wagging their tails, tilting their heads or moving their torsos and legs.


There are typically two types of dog training. These are obedience and behavioral dog training. Obedience dog training entails training the dog to strictly obey certain commands like stay, sit, come and also teaching it to run. The training sessions for this type of dog training should basically be frequent but brief so to avoid your dog from being too bored. For instance, the sessions should last ten to fifteen minutes twice or thrice in a day. It is a good idea to train your dog right before meals for it to associate the meal with a reward for the training. Before giving a word of command to your dog, it is essential that you call its name so as to get its attention and speak a single word of command.


On the other hand, behavioral dog training corrects and prevents bad habits which your dog or puppy may develop or has developed already. These may include; car chasing, jumping, chewing, climbing on furniture and begging among others. It is very crucial to be always consistent during the dog training process. For example, you should not by any chance let your puppy on the couch unless you intend to allow it there when it has fully grown.


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