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    Roulette is a game of chance with a spinning drum which has numbered cells. The word roulette itself has its roots in the Latin rota, which means wheel. In fact, any game involving the presence of a moving wheel can be considered roulette. The basis of roulette is a spinning ball in a circle. When the ball falls, it indicates a winning number. The fall of this or that number is random and unpredictable. Roulette basic rules The aim of roulette is to predict the winning number and bet on it. Before the ball falls, players have the opportunity to place their bets on a specially marked area on the…

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    Cupid slot machine from Endorphina

    Slot machine Cupid from the provider Endorphina is dedicated to an angel of love named Cupid. If you smile, you can win very big prizes in this slot, up to 10,000 bets. The game also has a freespin mode, which will increase the chances of big rewards. Play Cupid slot The playing field of the Cupid slot from the provider Endorphina is represented by a classic 5×3 grid. Payouts are made on 20 lines. Bet in this game is placed before each spin. Its minimum size is only 50 cents, and the maximum is $60 per spin. The following options are used in the slot: Normal symbols; Replacement symbol; Free…

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    Roulette Royale – Free Casino: Best App for Trying Your Luck in Roulette

    The Roulette Royale – free casino world for beginners and pros From now on you can stop looking for best roulette wheel game or even any other slot machines all over the Internet, because Roulette Royale – free casino app offers you the best experience of your gaming life. Place your bets, spin the wheel and win big! Yes, it is only virtual chips, but the thrill is going to be real. The app offers plenty gaming opportunities, competitions and ranks, realistic 3D gambling action and all this is free. Join Roulette Royale – free casino easily This mobile application was designed for both IOS and Android, so that most…

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    The best online roulette games – practice and win at the casino!

    he modern online casinos offer players hundreds of gambling activities. The most popular game has always been and remains online roulette. Since its inception, its popularity has only continued to grow. Players prefer this game because of the wide variability of bets, the frequent opportunity to win, the chance to rip a lot of money in a single bet. If you want to try your hand at roulette or are already an experienced player, our website will help you understand the basics of the game, find a suitable type, learn the main strategies. Systems and strategies for the game Roulette game is built on the theory of probability. Mathematical theory…

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    Video Roulette gameplay and Roulette types

    Features of the Video Roulette game Video Roulette appeared soon after the Internet casinos creation — the idea to play Roulette online attracted everybody, casinos’ owners and players. As gamblers at land casinos always used to show a great interest in this game, it was evident that online players will also pick it, bringing to vendors more profits. The entertaining gameplay In simple words, this is the electronic Roulette game that resembles old well-known table entertainment. The game screen represents a table layout there. It also has a wheel with 37 or 36 pockets (depending on the game type). If a player uses any Video Roulette app, his smartphone or…

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    Today there are quite a few different payment systems that can be used to make money transactions on the Internet. In addition to bank cards, electronic payment systems are very popular. Our ClickAndBuy review will introduce you to this popular payment system in many countries. More than 14 million users use ClickAndBuy to make purchases at 16,000 online stores and for financial transactions at online casinos. The company offers more than 50 local and international payment and billing methods in more than 120 currencies worldwide. In essence, ClickAndBuy is an electronic wallet to which you can link your bank card, or even several different cards, or a bank account that…