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    The sum of all Roulette wheel numbers

    Many mystically-mind people consider the fact that the sum of all casino Roulette wheel numbers is 666 something very strange and even diabolical as this is the so-called Number of the Beast. The legend says that Blaise Pascal himself signed an agreement with the Devil and received a Roulette game for it. Certainly, it might be only a coincidence, but gamblers, who lose sometimes, say that it was exactly the sum of numbers on Roulette wheel that played a trick on them. The Roulette wheel numbers sequence If prejudices can be set aside, the question of how many numbers on a Roulette wheel is still important. Simply American Roulette is…

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    There’s a wealth of information on the internet that’s claimed to help you excel at blackjack, from “win-win” tips from seasoned players to a kind of urban legend that, for various reasons, has become a truth to many. If you really want to become a good player, the first thing to do is to figure out what’s true and what’s not. Myth #1: The goal of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible The most common mistake beginners make. Yes, the number 21 and blackjack are synonymous. There was even a movie made about the game at one time called “Twenty-One.” But remember: your job isn’t…

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    How to win Roulette in casino — the simplest tips for all types of game

    Everyone is looking for the tricks that will help gambling people to learn how to win Roulette in a casino but few find them, as the wheel in an best online casinos gaming resource cannot be controlled. What’s worse is that many people who like the game and just want to play are fooled by false promises. There are players who only play for feeling, emotions, which are not searching for the answer to the question on how to win at Roulette in a casino, but if a gamer uses the tips mentioned below, he will get real chances to leave a casino with money on his account. Learning an…

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    Online Roulette Wheel: Your Lucky Spin Can Win You a Fortune

    Online roulette wheel: the iconic casino game In many minds, roulette became the flagman of the casino world, so all the online casinos provided the electronic version of the game at their websites and keep competing in perfecting it. Online roulette fully copied its ground-based parent and created more versions to diversify the gamble. There is even the custom roulette wheel online for the most demanding players. Either version is chosen, the roulette wheel game online continues being one of the most breathtaking casino games. Roulette overview The game uses a wheel with specific numbered pockets of red, black and green color. The virtual dealer places the small ball on…

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    Books about casinos and roulette. Secrets of professional players

    Mastering roulette at a basic level is easy enough. But to play successfully in the casino, you must either learn from the experience of knowledgeable players, or learn from your own mistakes. Preferably study books on casino and roulette than risking your own money. “1001 Nights in the Casino,” Alec Sukhov Alec Sukhov is a Russian professional gambler who has repeatedly made the casino blacklist because of his regular winnings. By the time the gambling law came into force in Russia, which resulted in the closure of casinos in most cities, he had accumulated a large capital. The book is easy to read. This is not a dry tutorial, but…