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Online Roulette Wheel: Your Lucky Spin Can Win You a Fortune

Online roulette wheel: the iconic casino game

In many minds, roulette became the flagman of the casino world, so all the online casinos provided the electronic version of the game at their websites and keep competing in perfecting it.

Online roulette fully copied its ground-based parent and created more versions to diversify the gamble. There is even the custom roulette wheel online for the most demanding players. Either version is chosen, the roulette wheel game online continues being one of the most breathtaking casino games.

Roulette overview

The game uses a wheel with specific numbered pockets of red, black and green color. The virtual dealer places the small ball on this wheel and then rolls it. The sequence of the numbers is absent. All the players (or just one player –you) make their bets on the pockets, and the winning one is where the ball finally appears. The bets can be made of two types.

Online roulette wheel simulator perfectly transmits the original game filling it with authentic images, effects and atmosphere.

European online roulette wheel

In the European variant, the wheel has red and black pockets numbers from zero to 36, and only one green pocket with number zero. This pocket exists with the single mission to create the house edge around 2.70%. Without it, the game would simply be even all the time.

American roulette wheel

American roulette wheel online has the same 36 black and red pockets. It also contains two green pockets with numbers zero and double zero, which increases the house edge. Such factor makes this game much less favorable for the players, so unless you are really a risky gambler, you would rather choose the European style.

Online roulette wheel bets on numbers

The layout on the bet table has two types of bets on individual numbers and particular sets of numbers.

The subtypes of inside bets (made on a particular number) are:

  • “straight up” – the bet on a single number;
  • “split bet” – the bet on two adjacent numbers;
  • “street bet” – the bet on the horizontal line covering three numbers;
  • “corner bet” – the bet on four numbers block;
  • “line bet” – the bet on six numbers in the cell of two lines;
  • “5 number bet” – the bet on 0 or 00, 1,2 and 3.

The subtypes of outside bets (on various sets of numbers) are:

  • black or red – the bet on the coloring of the pocket;
  • even or odd – the bet on the even/odd characteristic of the pocket;
  • low/high – the bet on the number lower that 19 or 19 and more;
  • dozens – the bet on the particular dozen (1 out of 3);
  • columns – the bet on the particular column (1 out of 3).

Online roulette wheel spinner is rolled and some of these bets are going to win. Only chance will decide which ones.

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