Video roulette

Video Roulette gameplay and Roulette types

Features of the Video Roulette game

Video Roulette appeared soon after the Internet casinos creation — the idea to play Roulette online attracted everybody, casinos’ owners and players. As gamblers at land casinos always used to show a great interest in this game, it was evident that online players will also pick it, bringing to vendors more profits.

The entertaining gameplay

In simple words, this is the electronic Roulette game that resembles old well-known table entertainment. The game screen represents a table layout there. It also has a wheel with 37 or 36 pockets (depending on the game type). If a player uses any Video Roulette app, his smartphone or a tablet “becomes” a playing table. When he gambles at a land casino, he deals with a gaming machine, using tokens, tickets or cash. In both cases, the sum of money spent on the game is shown on the screen.

When a player wants to start the process, he has to do the following:

  • Pick the bet (chips) size;
  • Pick the table section, where the bets will be placed;
  • Pick Video Roulette button for the choice of the betting;
  • Use the Spin, the button, which starts the wheel’ rotation;
  • Watch how the ball is rolling waiting for the moment when it stops;
  • Check if the bet won or lost.

The difference between Video Roulette and other Roulette types

Video Roulette should not be ever confused with the electronic Roulette game in a real casino. In the electronic version, the dealer is not involved. Here, the players can stay at the table with one wheel (usually under the special protective screen), and each one has a small screen with a table layout in front of his eyes. The wheel starts its rotation thanks to the work of a special built-in air tube.

There is also a game that is called Rapid Roulette that is the combination of two types of games described above. It has some electronic features, but a dealer (a real person) is involved in the process.

European, American or French?

In addition to the various wheel configurations between American and European Roulette (which have the same game grid structure, with the exception of the optional Zero), there is also a table option known as French roulette.

It is very similar to European roulette: the most important thing is that the number of cells on the wheel is the same. There are three differences. Firstly, in the French version of the game, all sectors are red. Secondly, the words on the gaming table are written in French. And finally, it uses the “La Partage” rule, in which the player receives half of the bet made if the Zero sector falls.

The casino edge in each type of game depends mostly on the Roulette version. With the American Roulette, the casino has more chances to win (house edge over 5.26%).

As Video Roulette needs one player only, this entertainment is chosen by players, who dislike the presence of other gamblers, who are eager to play with a machine as they trust their luck. The game type here depends on the casino offer and the gamer’s preference.

Internal Bets

To place an inside bet, you must place a player’s chips (or the entire set of chips as a single bet) on a single number or on specific places in the table (even on the lines of cells) to indicate a group of 2 to 6 numbers.

The requirement for any internal bet is to match the table minimum. The casino allows multiple bets less than the table minimum, as long as they add up to or exceed the minimum. Some casinos set a relatively small maximum wager on inside numbers (around $25).

Why would casinos limit internal maximum bets? It is believed that an incredibly lucky player is capable of bankrupting a casino through high internal bets. That said, at craps tables or baccarat tables the maximum limit is often as high as $6,000 or even higher. And if casino workers don’t question the unpredictability of roulette, it doesn’t make sense to limit bets on this game.

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