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The sum of all Roulette wheel numbers

Many mystically-mind people consider the fact that the sum of all casino Roulette wheel numbers is 666 something very strange and even diabolical as this is the so-called Number of the Beast.

The legend says that Blaise Pascal himself signed an agreement with the Devil and received a Roulette game for it. Certainly, it might be only a coincidence, but gamblers, who lose sometimes, say that it was exactly the sum of numbers on Roulette wheel that played a trick on them.

The Roulette wheel numbers sequence

If prejudices can be set aside, the question of how many numbers on a Roulette wheel is still important. Simply American Roulette is different: with an additional Zero, it has more numbers (no, the sum of all of them does not change here as well). Nevertheless, one extra “0” changes the game, adding more excitement in it as a player can win more, but the chances that he will get a prize are lower now. The house edge is higher here.

As for the positions of all Roulette wheel numbers, the stock illustration will help here. One can open a picture of a wheel and check it himself. Some online players even use a Roulette image is the wallpaper on their PC to remember about it.

The sectors (called pockets also) are alternately painted black and red; there are also one or two green pockets for zeros. There are numbers painted in white inside the pockets. At first glance, it seems that the numbers are random, but in fact, they follow a strict order.

It is believed that the standard arrangement of numbers is based on the calculations of mathematician Blaise Pascal, who lived in France in the 17th century. The sequence is based on a complex system that aims to ensure a random distribution of all numbers by eliminating any potential addictions.

American Roulette layout

If a “0” sector is taken for the start, the layout foresees “2” and “28” even black numbers on each side of Zero. If “00” is a start section, one can see odds close to it — “1” and “27” red Roulette wheel numbers.

Further, black and red sectors change each other (for example, 13 black, 36 red, 24 black, 3 red, etc.).

European Roulette layout

Here, the Zero sector is a “borderline”. Black and Red numbers are placed to the left and to the right of it (26 black and 32 red). However, the parity of numbers does not always alternate: there are 13 places on the wheel where two even or two odd numbers are next to each other.

Three odd or even numbers cannot be found in a row. Pockets are one of the most frequently changed parts in terms of design. Now more and more wheels have separate pockets, in which the outer part does not have partitions, only the color, and number.

Curious that with all the mystical aspects referring to Devil, a very rare person is interested in what do the numbers on a Roulette wheel add up to 666 and why the wheel has 36 or 37 (not 20, 40, 100) sectors.

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